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Let the Somerset Toastmaster Take the Strain...

By using the services of The Somerset Toastmaster, you get to relax and enjoy the day. Here are some of the frequently asked questions that help you understand why a Toastmaster can really make the difference to your wedding day...

What does a Toastmaster do at a wedding? 

The duty of Roger Knight, your Somerset Toasmaster is to take away the stress from the families, especially the Bride and Bridegroom. by working closely with you,the venue and all the other wedding professionals involved your  wedding. TheToastmaster makes sure that there are no hiccups during your wedding and that you have a fantastic day with lots of smiles and lifelong memories of your wedding.

Why are Toastmasters popular at weddings?

Your wedding is something you have probably dreamt about and you want it to be as stress-free as possible and to enjoy the occasion and be able remember the little things that made your wedding 'Special'. Your Somerset Toastmaster is there to ensure the reception runs smoothly and to time, at the same time adding a touch of class to the occasion, more importantly though, Your somerset Toasmaster is there to try and make your wedding dreams come true!

What do Toastmasters wear?

Your Somerset Toastmaster  will wear the recognised uniform of the Toastmaster, a red long tailed coat, starched fronted white dress shirt, white bow tie and a starched white waistcoat, white gloves, black military style dress suit trousers and black patent leather shoes. He strikes an imposing figure of authority who is there to make sure that all your plans run as smoothly as possible.

Do you attend the church or civil ceremony?

Once you have engaged the service of Roger, The Somerset Toastmaster he is at your disposal. If you would like your Toastmaster to be at the Church or Civil ceremony to help organise everything and add a bit of pomp & ceremony then he'll be there! Let's discuss this at our meeting and then you can decide ok?

I am getting married at the venue - will you be in attendance?

Of course! we love weddings! As your Toastmaster, Roger will make sure that your wedding guests are seated ready in the appropriate room set aside for your wedding service. With the permission of the person officiating, your Toastmaster will then make any announcements needed and let the Bride know that everything is ready for the ceremony to start.

The Hotel says they have a Toastmaster service ?

It may be that the hotel/venue provide a member of staff, if so,ask what they will be wearing ask if he/she will announce your receiving line, be at the Church to help fit buttonholes etc, in fact any of the duties that a Professional Toastmaster can & will perform. 

You can then decide whether or not you want a Professional Wedding Toastmaster for your 'Special Day'

How long will you stay at our wedding?

Your Somerset Toastmaster's duties are normally completed at end of the wedding breakfast formalities. We can discuss any alternative plans during our meeting OK?

What is a receiving line and should I have one?

Traditionally it is where all the wedding guests, some of whom may never have met the hosts, are formally announced by your Toastmaster to the parents of the Bride and Bridegroom  who are the hosts and of course the Bride and Groom.

What is the order of the receiving line?

Traditionally the order of a receiving line would be the Bride's mother, Bride's father, Bridegroom's mother, Bridegroom's father, Bride and Bridegroom.

Your Somerset Toastmaster will make sure that the receiving line passes smoothly & efficiently.

When do we have the receiving line?

In days gone by it was customary to greet the Guests on arrival at the reception but, due to photography taking longer etc, Most couples  choose to have a receiving line just before the wedding guests take their places for the Wedding Breakfast.

Does it matter if we do not have a receiving line?

Of course not, it is your day, but you are expected to greet or mingle with your wedding guests. If you are using the services of a professional Toastmaster then a receiving line make sense as He will make sure that it all runs smoothly.

 Will you announce the Wedding Breakfast to our Guests?

Yes, Your Toastmaser will ensure that all your Guests are assembled the Wedding Breakfast and then will announce you.

Do you escort us into the Wedding Breakfast?

Yes please? Most couples remember this as the highlight & most memorable part of their wedding, being announced as the new Mr and Mrs to their guests and being escorted into the wedding breakfast  by their very own Toastmaster to an ovation from an enthusiatic group of Family & Friends.

Would you say Grace?

Roger, your Somerset Toastmaster would be honoured to say Grace if requested and has a selection of formal and less formal Graces for you to choose from.  However, you may have a family friend who you may prefer to ask, no worries, your Toastmaster will announce them.  If a member of the clergy is a guest at the Wedding Breakfast it would be respectful to ask him/her to say Grace and again your Toastmaster would announce them.

Speeches before or after the Wedding Breakfast?

Traditionally the speeches come after the meal, this ensures that food service is not adversely affected.

How many toasts/speaches can we have?

History dictates that there are 3 toasts. Firstly to the Bride and Bridegroom, proposed by the Bride's father or whoever has been appointed in his place. The second toast should be to the Bridemaids and Best Man, proposed by the Bridegroom. Traditionally the Best Man would propose the toast to the parents of the Bride and Bridegroom but it is more popular these days, to propose a toast to the Bride and Bridegroom. But hey, it is your day so you decide!

What should be included in the wedding speeches?

Just remember that generally it is not advisable to embarrass any of your wedding guests, respecting the different generations who will be present, and of course the use of bad or lewd language is strictly taboo.  At a wedding a little light banter from the Best Man towards the Groom is expected and indeed looked forward to by your wedding guests. 

When should we cut the wedding cake?

Normally the cake is cut after the main course has been cleared. Some Couples though,realising their wedding guests will have eaten a bountiful meal and that their guests may not be ready for the wedding cake,arrange for the cake cutting ceremony takes place before the speeches & toasts.The cut cake is then served at the evening buffet. Your Toastmaster will discuss this with you at your meeting and when engaged will make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

We will have a Wedding Guest Book?

As your Toastmaster, Roger will make sure that the book is distributed to all your guests during the Wedding Breakfast.

Will we need a public address system for the speeches?

Yes is the simple answer. Your wedding guests want to be able to hear the speeches, as they are an integral part of your 'Dream Wedding'. Some venues will offer you a sound system, others do not, so always check. If you are holding your reception in a marquee it is recomended that you use a sound system, as sound can get absorbed by the canvas.  The Somerset Toastmaster can supply a suitable sound system which would be charged as an extra. 

How about cameras on the tables ?

As your Somerset Toastmaster I will announce to you guests and explain how they are to be used during the Wedding Breakfast and where to leave them.

After the Wedding Breakfast and speeches have finished what should happen next?

Your Toastmaster will ask the Guests to stand and then will escort the Bride and Bridegroom from the top table and out of the Banqueting Room. Again,as your Toastmaster I would encourage an memorable ovation from your wedding guests!

Best time to start planning?

You've already Started!

Call Roger, your Somerset Toastmaster who has a fantastic database of useful wedding contacts who can help smooth the preparations for the 'Big Day' He will be glad to help even if you don't book him!

Begin straight away. Start a wedding folder to keep all the correspondence in. Get organised and make a list of everything. It's more fun if you work with your Mother and/or a very close friend.  They will be as excited as you are and can be dreaming of you on your day. Regularly ask them for thier opinion and make them feel special too. Get excited together, with lots of hugs and Laughter. Why not include your future Mother -in - Law? she could be a fresh pair of eyes that helps discover that one thing that will help make your day perfect!

Try not to rush anything, book your evening entertainment nice and early as good discos & entertainers get booked up way in advance,keep talking over who to invite,the seating plan,the booking of the reception venue, the style of the dress, the colour scheme, deciding on the menu, and lots of other things; like what colour dresses the bridesmaids will have to match the theme of the day. Don't forget your friends. You will need your girl & male friends around you too. These people will want to share their thoughts and ideas with you, so let them. The time will come when you will be helping them with dreams of their own. Above all,try & make the planning fun for everyone. This way you will get so excited that you will begin to tingle in anticipation...

Good Luck!


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