Somerset Wedding Toastmaster Duties

Wedding Duties

Here are some of the benefits to having me,  Roger Knight, The Somerset Toastmaster, at Your wedding.

Your Somerset Toastmaster can, if required  be on hand for your actual Wedding service to help out with buttonholes, make any announcements etc, work with your Vicar, Registrar to make sure that everything is running smoothly and is just how you planned it.  

The Somerset Toastmaster wears ceremonial clothes & is trained in the correct wedding etiquette and protocol. This all adds to the style and splendour of any wedding. Experience in dealing with formal occasions brings the Somerset Toastmaster's skills in to play, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of your wedding reception, which includes lots of smiles & memorable photos!

The Somerset toastmaster can Look after any of your guests that may have special needs, such as the elderly or disabled.

I can provide support and a calming influence to the bridal party throughout your 'Special Day' .  Your Somerset Toasmaster is there to ensure that the members of your bridal party who have roles to fulfill during the reception do so in the right order and without any of those  'Embarrassing Moments'.


Somerset Toastmaster duties include:


- Meet to discuss all aspects of your wedding plans

- Advise on  wedding etiquette and customs

- Assist the speakers with their speeches, build their confidence & make them smile!

- Greet your wedding guests at the reception

- Work closely with the wedding photographer

- Help with your wedding videographer

- Liaise with your wedding caterers

- Organize your wedding receiving line and announce wedding guests

- inform  your wedding guests of where to leave their gifts

- Make wedding guests aware of the seating plan

- Announce the  wedding couple and escort them to the top table

- Say grace, if required

- Read wedding cards and other messages, if required

- Organize and announce the cutting of the wedding cake

- Announce the wedding toasts and the speakers

- Assist the Bride & Groom in the presenting of special gifts or bouquets

- Announce and escort the couple from the top table

- Check the arrangements for the evening

- Carry out all those other unseen tasks that make your wedding memorable

With so much to do on the day, you only get one shot to get it right, so it's vital that things should run according to plan on the big day. When organising your wedding you don't want to spend the day with one eye on a clock at all times, but it is essestial that somebody does.

And now for something quite unique in the South West ...

A Combined Toastmaster & Disco Service!!

As a Professionally trained Toastmaster  and a DJ with over 30 years experience, I will be in the enviable position of getting to know you & your guests quite well during the Formal part of your "Special Day". This will then allow me to tailor the music later in the evening to make sure that your evening reception is a roaring success and memorable.

With my Disco service, you can create your own personalised music playlist, even allow your guests to get involved if you want. You willget access to Planning forms that will all help to make your wedding "Extra Special".

On top of all this I can even offer an Event Photography service  to capture all those " Special Moments" that occur during your evening reception.


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